Emile Display

Emile Display is a bold celebration of the quirkiness of letterforms. Strongly inspired by brush calligraphy, Emile explores the boundaries of tools used in the writing process alongside the possibilities and potential of different shapes.

With its exaggerated contrast and spontaneous strokes blended with rounded shapes, Emile stands out of the crowd with a friendly feel; resulting in a charming, unconventional approach to the traditional serif type. Emile is best suited to headlines, but also works beautifully in text settings.


— Total glyph set: 631
— Open Type Features:
— Uppercase
— Lowercase
— Numbers
— Diacritics
— Punctuation
— Stylistic Alternates
— Basic Ligatures
— Extra Ligatures
— Fractions
— Superscript
— Subscript


Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian

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WOFF and WOFF2 formats unavailable for web licenses. OTF or TTF available.


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