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Roquefort Strong


Roquefort is a quirky expanded grotesque, which, like Roquefort (the cheese), is pongy and full of flavour. However, unlike the cheese, this typeface was created with a desire to avoid the over-thinking and over-refinement that can slowly sanitise a typeface design over time.

This grotesque has all the wonky inconsistencies that give a grot its distinct flavour while its robust form gives it a solid presence. Roquefort is likely to be expanded and improved over time and, as with all Polytype Fonts, future updates will be free for existing licensees.


— Total glyph set: 364
— 364 Glyphs
— Pan-European Latin language support
— Uppercase
— Lowercase
— Numerals
— Punctuation & Symbols
— Arrows
— Ligatures
— Contextual alternates
— Stylistic set 1: alternate a

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