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Roma Serif

Roma Serif is an uppercase-focused display typeface first designed in 2019, and later developed in 2021 by Graphic Designer Alli Cunanan. Roma Serif is inspired by the grandeur and splendor of the Roman Empire in its golden age. Each glyph aims to express magnificence and stability in subtle but clear form, suiting it perfectly to headings and short to medium-length texts.


— Total glyph set: 399
— 3 Font Weights
— Italics
— OpenType Features:
— Uppercase
— Alternates
— Numerals
— Diacritics

WOFF and WOFF2 font files are currently unavailable. In the meantime, an OTF file is available for web font licenses.

Unsure about what license you need? Download our useful licensing checklist to see what each license allows you to do.


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