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Serpiente Display

Serpiente Display Medium

Serpiente Display Medium is a display font with a morphology based on snakes. Graphically evolving into a life of its own, the organic forms quote the beauty and unpredictability of snakes as creatures whilst maintaining strong structural integrity.

The wide-character set offers usability for many languages, while literally breeding a life-like visual picture of wild serpents intertwining. Serpiente is incredibly well crafted and its illustrative qualities offer breathtaking poise and prowess, perfect for making a unique typographic statement… ????

[Soon: Cyrillic WIP]


— Total Glyph Set: 296
— Uppercase & Lowercase
— Diacritics
— Numbers
— Alternates: A, B, M, N, O, P, Q, V, W, Z, a, e, o, z, 2.
— 6 Ligatures
— Punctuations & Symbols
— Wide Character Set of Latin Extended-A

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