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Sissi Display

Sissi Display

Sissi Display is a modern modular blackletter display. Named after the 1955 film Sissi, Fabian produced this typeface inspired by the shapes of dresses and furniture plucked out of the 50’s film set.

Sissi Display is completely unique as a modern modular blackletter, offering challenging details which make it an exciting, lively choice for display purposes. As singular characters, the forms are distinctly reminiscent of 50’s/early 60’s design whilst as a whole, the shapes create a slightly gothic, dangerous atmosphere.


— Glyph set: 140
— Uppercase
— Lowercase
— Numbers
— Diacritics (limited to ÄÜÖ & äüö)
— Punctuation
— 15 ligatures
— i (stylistic alternate)

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