Nubya is a typeface that challenges monotony. With heavily contrasting strokes, this typeface creates an atmosphere of unpredictability and vitality, bringing a breath of fresh air to a range of settings. The letters are somewhat removed from their usual form, meaning each glyph has its own, unique character, while various consistencies bring a sense of flow and rhythm.

Diagonal strokes, closed apertures and repeating forms invoke a coherent visual language. The vertical strokes terminate at both flat and rounded points, which makes the references to calligraphic marks and Arabic letterforms less obvious, whilst retaining the charismatic and more nuanced attributes of this style of typography. These visual characteristics result in complex, eccentric shapes that require concentration in order to be fully appreciated.


— Total Glyph Set: 503
— Uppercase Letters
— Lowercase Letters
— Numbers
— Punctuation & Symbols
— Diacritics
— Uppercase Alternates
— Uppercase Ligatures
— Lowercase Ligatures
— Alternate Lowercase Ligatures
— Language Support: Basic Latin, South-Eastern European, Western-European, Central European

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